Bella Freud sweaters

Bella Freud Lion Sweater ss16

Bella Freud’s knitwear collections are HUGE! Thanks to a super celebrity fan base, that includes Kate Moss, Sophie Dahl, Caroline Flack and Alexa Chung, you can not help but notice that her name is appearing in every fashion magazine at present.

Bella Freud 1970 sweater

Vogue UK Bella Freud S S 2016

Freud’s slogan sweatshirts are witty, playful and have a rock and roll edge to them. They do however maintain a sense of exclusivity, luxury and intimacy due to Freud’s choice of the finest fabrics, colours and subtle attention to detail. Many items are also limited addition.

Freud has been designing collections for the past 21 years and knows how to ensure longevity in the industry. She has the creative talent and cultural awareness to keep her brand ticking over without compromising to the demands of a mainstream market. The mainstream market however is now fighting for a piece of her, with many high street stores trying to emulate her designs. 

Carolien Flack in Bella Freud

Carolin Flack loves a Bella Freud sweater

I am saving my pennies for the gorgeous Ginsberg is God sweater. How about you? Go to Bella Freud’s Online shop now to shop the latest collections.