Fashion loves Barbie… wrong it’s right!

Barbie dressed by Sister by SiblingThe fashion world continues its love affair with the famous plastic doll we all grew up knowing so well, and who can blame it! Barbie being a beautiful Amazonian like creäture, with long flowing hair and legs to die for – a supermodel that never goes out of fashion and remains eternally youthful – a designers wet dream!!!

Milliner Stephen Jones is the latest designer to dress Barbie and on the 15th of this month he launches  his collection of five dolls designed exclusively for Selfridges and with a Christmas theme in mind.
I thought it would be fun to look back at some of the amazing designers who have dressed Barbie over the years. Designers who include Azzedine Alaïa, Burberry, Comme des Garçons, Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Prada. xox

chanel for barbies-50th

1997 - Barbie by Dior

Barbie-Vogue-10May13-Roksanda Ilincic's 2009 Barbie outfit


chanel for barbies-50th

1996 - Barbie by Nicole Miller

MAY 2010 - In 1961, Barbie became a nurse.

2001 - Barbie by Burberry

Barbie Sibling

barbie-selfridges-vogue-2-2aug13-dressed vy Nasir Mazhar



Image No.1 Barbie by Sister by Sibling,  No.2 Chanel for barbies-50th, No.3 1997 – Barbie by Dior, No.4 Roksanda Ilincic’s 2009 Barbie outfit, No.5 Barbie by Sibling, No.6 Chanel for barbies-50th, No.7 1996 – Barbie by Nicole Miller, No.8 In 1961, Barbie became a nurse (however looks very LV!) No.9 2001 – Barbie by Burberry, No.10 Barbie by Sibling, No.11 barbie dressed by Nasir Mazhar, No.12 & 13 Barbie by Stephen Jones for Selfridges 2013