Bravo: Fabulous Fashionistas

In today’s world , where women are constantly being pressured to look eternally youthful; trout pouts now  a regular sight in the office and pub, women in their late 20’s (yes 20’s!!!) nipping out for a quick botox fix on lunch breaks; I must say that Channel 4’s award-winning documentary, Fabulous Fashionistas, was an absolute delight to watch yesterday evening (my birthday I may add!!)

Award-winning director Sue Bourne beautifully explored the art of ageing in the company of six extraordinary women.
With an average age of 80, Bridget, Daphne, Jean, Gillian, Sue and Lady Trumpington all share something inspirational in common: a determination to keep going, to look fabulous and to have fun.

Without botox or plastic surgery these women redefine old age in style. Not one of them feels like an ‘old person’ and, in their own ways, they are defying expectations of the ageing process.

Their styles of dress range from Japanese street-inspired outfits to classic Parisian chic.  Although their sartorial choices differ , they all look FABULOUS and ALL EMBRACE AGEING! In fact it’s the wisdom they have and the expressions on their faces which really make these inspirational ladies so incredibly beautiful. 

How very wonderfully to see a TV Programme, in today’s day and age, that doesn’t falsify the reality of ageing and neither bombards us with fluffy nonsense about fad diets and exercise or shoves silly celebrities in front of ours screens offering bog standard advice on which surgeries are best to correct a perfectly natural wrinkle around the eye!! How absolutely wonderfully to see a programme that embraces ageing and doesn’t  view the process as a negative!

Bourne captures each women’s personal story so wonderfully and each story is poignant and  truly uplifting . The overall message of the documentary being that staying young and dressing with style is about more than following the latest trends; it’s about an attitude to life itself. My favourite quote coming from Bridget (I could not have put it better myself!):

I don’ give a damn what people think of me or the way I dress. I dress for myself because I love design and I love colour!

Bravo Chanel 4!! Watch it here on catch up now.



Bridget Sojourner


Gillian Lynn

Sue Kreitzman