2nd Anniversary celebrations…xox

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John and I have recently just celebrated our second anniversary as Mr and Mrs Pankowiak.

I love being married, especially to John, who really is the most amazing husband ever.

This weekend, as part our anniversary celebrations, I treated John and I to  massages at the Chamomile Sanctuary Spa followed by a champagne lunch at The Bonham Hotel.

The Bonham hotel is very special to us as it is played host to our wedding reception which was really lovely. 

The deep tissue body massages were excellent and left us feeling super relaxed. John and I were both told that we must be quite tense people as we both had a number of large knots – no surprises there! 

As always the food and service at the Bonham was superb and the champagne went down well too! A little too well maybe as I was sloshed by the time we left!

While having lunch John surprised me with a gorgeous Michael Kors watch as my anniversary gift….unbelievably amazing…. and great for wearing casually or for more formal occasions too. After lunch we headed to Tiger Lilly for some seriously lush white russian cocktails, made with thick cream and sprinkled with roasted chocolate (yum!)

A wonderful day….love you John xox